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Bargain properties in London SW19   6 comments

I have been discussing property prices with various blogging friends, so rather than block up their blogs with information on my local area, I thought maybe it deserves a post of it’s own on here.

So, what gems are available:

First up we have a 5 bedroom detached house for sale in Lancaster Gardens, Wimbledon Village, SW19. To be fair it is set within an acre of land complete with outdoor heated pool, and 4 of the 5 bathrooms are en-suite (the two attic bedrooms share a bathroom) so its a snip at £7,400,000.

Next up we have another 5 bedroom detached home, this time in Marryat Road, London, SW19. It features a double garage, carriage driveway and garden of 20m x 30m with no pool which explains the bargain basement price of £6,850,000.

Moving on, there is a new build 4 bedroom house with open plan living space. Without wanting to be cruel here, this house looks like two shipping containers on top of each other with windows cut in them, rather characterless but then a snip at £4,950,000.

Turning our attention to apartments for a moment, there is a nice 2 bedroom apartment built in 2010. It provides one reception room which includes kitchen, dining and living areas, a master bedroom and a rather small second bedroom. £3,200,000.

London of course is one of the most expensive places to buy property, which is why I suspect I’ll find the Gibraltar property market nicely on the cheap side.


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Property and stuff   3 comments

Why is it so hard to sell property. Seems I have been in Limbo for about a month now, one reason for the lack of posts. The whole process is very much one step forward, one step back and communications can go very quiet. I’m now beginning to understand why people use estate agents.

It had been my hope that we would exchange contracts before Xmas (well actually well before Xmas but that’s another issue altogether) so I could have some clarity and make plans for the Xmas season. It could still happen, but my problem now is I don’t want to up sticks and go off somewhere for two or three weeks only to find they need me to sign some documents and I’m many miles away. I also don’t like leaving the house for too long in sub zero temperatures.

On the positive side, I’ve bought myself a new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It does everything and more than an iPad would do but in a pocket sized form factor. OK it won’t fit in those tight jeans pockets, but I’m a bit past tight jeans. It is also a fully functioning phone, so a good compromise between phone and tablet.

I’ve been playing with the camera part of it. This was before I’d fully read the instructions, I just wanted to get a pic of Marmalade for a friend of mine.

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Oh dear, WordPress have changed how you insert media since I last posted, sorry the pic is a bit bigger than I intended but haven’t got the time now to figure out the changes. Marmalade is one of those nice friendly cats who lives near to the path I use to go to Wimbledon town centre, and who comes up and says hello to me if there aren’t too many other people about.

The Samsung is more about keeping in touch when I’m away from home as well as easily taking photos. It also has GPS built in, with a world map that includes Gibraltar (my previous GPS may have had Spanish ancestry as it decided Gibraltar was just a blank space), and I am hoping that will prove to be invaluable.

Finally, I have also lost a little bit of weight, about 15 kilos since the beginning of September, which is quite good progress.

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Where has Blu been.   4 comments

You may well ask. Here is a visual clue.

Photo courtesy of

The last two weeks have seen me largely confined to bed and probably taking more pills than I’d really want to. This is the first time I’ve had bad flu for over 10 years and I am so annoyed with myself for not sorting out a new home in the sun already.

The flu is partly home related though. My neighbour’s sister and her husband came to view the house on Saturday 22nd Oct. After the viewing I was invited back to the neighbour’s house for a kind of late lunch bbq along with everyone else, which included school age kids from atleast 6 different schools.

I don’t usually mingle with groups of kids and it was too much. Sunday found me with a sore throat and by Monday night flu of the full blown variety. On the positive side though, I think the house is sold subject to survey, which I’m just now organising with the buyer now I feel largely better, and completion by the end of November is still a possibility, which would then see me renting somewhere for the Xmas and New Year period; somewhere hot and not called the UK.

How ill was I, on a scale of 1 to 10. Shall we just say I’ve not had any wine since the evening of the 22nd !!!!! – people who know me well will appreciate the seriousness of that.

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House Guest   1 comment

I came across this new house guest the other evening, and as he was sat still clearly posing for his photograph, I duly obliged.

My new house guest

I’ve never minded spiders, but have always thought of them as very monotone, dark grey colour and not really that interesting.

This one however has very interesting markings, does this mark him out as a special sort of spider? He was in an area where the decor pre-dates me, woodchip paper painted a light green wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s there and it does the job, so why change it. I don’t know if spiders have any sort chameleon skills or is basic chamouflage his natural colours.

I was only poking about down there because I’ve got more people coming to look at the house, with a view towards buying it.

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Procrastination (may not be published until tomorrow)   2 comments

Some readers of this blog may not be surprised that I am sometimes guilty of this, like my planned trip to Gibraltar.!!!

Today Yesterday, there was an article on procrastination, that discussed the condition in the context of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Nowadays Hamlet’s prevarications would be even more prolonged as he’d have to tweet his fears and try them out on Facebook friends.

Working to deadlines – Photo courtesy of

Professor Steel of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, author of The Procrastination Equation, has conducted extensive research into the topic. He found that 95% of us procrastinate at some point.

I have always believed that I do my best work when there is a deadline hanging over me, but research by the above and others has actually shown that work rushed is more prone to contain minor mistakes, and that snap decisions based on gut feelings more often than not earn the decision maker respect.

The article I read was a promotional piece for a programme on BBC Radio 4 called “Helping Hamlet: Can science cure Procrastination”. I just hope it is available on iPlayer, I know what I’m like.

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Its only a winter’s tale.   2 comments

Well, here we are, its June 3rd and the Sunday of the diamond jubilee weekend.

ImageI am wondering if this will qualify for the WordPress summer theme, may be not. Yes, you guessed it, it is a cold and wet day in Wimbledon, so we’ve cancelled our informal street party, many others probably have too. As you can see from my Windows 7 widget thing, its only 11 degrees and its early June.

I’m not a monarchist, so I’m not overly bothered on that front, but it certainly adds to the list of reasons to live elsewhere.

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Blu before he moves – Wimbledon part 1   13 comments

Having charged my camera up last night, I thought I’d go out on Sunday and take some pictures of the area where I currently live, sort of a blu before he was on the move, so to speak. It will be 28 years since I moved into my house on August 4th, and although my circumstances have changed over that time, I’ve never seen a reason to move, just to buy another house in London.

Three bedrooms and three reception rooms, what more does one need; its big enough for two and for the last 15 years or so, big enough for one. Now that I’m giving up work its time to leave the UK, and move to pastures both newer and warmer. I finally finish work on 29th June and cannot wait to get away.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m planning on moving to Gibraltar, or Britain in the sun as I sometimes call it. Talking of the sun, its lovely and hot today, about 25 deg and I’m sitting here baking.

Not just because of the temperature, but because I’m working on this in the front reception room, the french windows out into the garden at the back of the house are tightly locked, as criminality in London is now so bad, the local toerags will be in over your garden fence and in your windows in no time. Those of my neighbours with sheds have had them broken into on a regular basis over the last 18 months or so.

So what is Wimbledon like. Well it has a theatre which is quite well known across London. I’ve only been a few times, the things I’d be interested in seeing sell out quickly, and I don’t want to go to the theatre just for the sake of going to the theatre. That’s the kind of thing my mother would have done.

The theatre has been renovated quite recently and now calls itself the new theatre. I’ve not been in there since the renovations were completed so cannot comment on how much its been improved. Its quite an impressive building and I like the dome on top of it, but as you can see, even on a Sunday the roads are busy.

We also have a shopping centre, imaginatively called Centre Court, I wonder who got paid a fortune to come up with a name like that. It comes complete with the usual suspects, Apple, Sony, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer, plus numerous mobile phone providers.

If you look just passed the front of the big red bus, you’ll see that there is also a Tesco here. The part of the building that Tesco are in is the old Wimbledon town hall before it was done away with in another reincarnation of local government structure, that brought us the creation of the London Borough of Merton.

The more observant will also notice the job lot of traffic lights that were sold to the borough. Its only the facade that has been kept, the heart of the building was ripped out by the developers. Centre Court also features the facade of an old church and the fire station, similarly dessimated.

I would have taken pictures of these, but the main police station is on the other side of the road and many London police officers are of the belief it is illegal to take photographs of public buildings, so thought better of it. No problem with the other photos though, the police budget cuts have seen to that.

They say that familiar concepts make people feel at home, so I had to reassure my faithful readers that we have a Morrisons too, albeit somewhat smaller than the one in Gibraltar. Perhaps I should point out that the space above Morrisons’ is a gym, which helps explain what the image of the young lady in the window on the left is up to. I’m not going to add a slide show to this post, there are only 3 pics and they are quite big so its not really necessary.

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