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Fitting a post around a picture   2 comments

I never know whether one should try to make a post to fit a picture, but as this picture will be both amusing and nostalgic to some of my audience I thought I’d give it a go.

I was reading recently that BT has a very prolific wireless network around London, and much of it is based around their street furniture. So their street cabinets and their phoneboxes have all benefited from the addition of wireless network equipment, it must be quite heavy, look what it did to these phone boxes !!!

Street Art in Kingston

Street Art in Kingston

Apologies that the light is not in the best place for the image, but I was in a little bit of a rush.


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Taking a Gander…   2 comments


Photo courtesy of


Gander Airport

Gander Airport
Courtesy of Google Maps and R. Villarias


Canada is one of those countries one goes to, that one immediately likes. Its true that in my case it was always coupled with a business trip to the USA and I was certainly jaded from up to three weeks working in the USA by the time I arrived.

There was always something peaceful about Canada, even in Toronto (pictured) but perhaps more so in Montreal. Many of the best aspects of French culture have been taken by the city and made their own.

I remember clearly on my first visit that I had a client meeting where the address was fourteen thousand and odd Trans Canada Highway. I really had visions of driving for about 2 days and the meeting being actually in Vancouver.

It was with trepidation then that I ordered a taxi from my hotel, made sure that it took credit cards, jumped in the back purposely refusing to look at the meter at any point during the journey.

I managed to get there in the end and only a few minutes late. The cab fare however was somewhat over 100 C$.

On a more recent occasion I was flying from New York to London on American Airlines. Sitting across the isle from me was a very pleasant American woman doctor with whom I was discussing the importance of Continuing Medical Education. We were interrupted by a stewardess who asked the medic to go with her as an old lady was suffering some kind of distress.

The old lady was brought forward to sit with the doctor and given an oxygen mask. We weren’t too far from Gander at the time, so we were diverted to there. For those that don’t know, in the days before they could fly very far, planes would take off from Heathrow, fly to Shannon in the West of Ireland, refuel there, then fly to Gander where they would again fill their tanks for the rest of the journey. Since the advent of the 747 Gander is no longer used for this purpose.

On our arrival at Gander, some paramedics boarded the plane. Two of them immediately helped the old lady, the third seemed to be rifling through her things. The doctor, seeing the concern on my face and knowing I was from the UK, leaned over and told me they were just looking for her credit cards to make sure she could pay for their services. Not entirely sure what they would have done if she didn’t have one, but she was an American so unlikely.

By this time the delay mean’t we had missed our landing time at Heathrow, and we weren’t allowed to take off from Gander until a new time spot could be agreed, which was problematic given how busy Heathrow Airport is. The end result was we were on the tarmac for about 4 or 5 hours, they were not able to allow us off the plane or able to bring extra supplies on board.

This was a day time flight so we didn’t arrive at Heathrow in the end until somewhat after midnight and the place was deserted. American Airlines laid on some buses and I was able to get to Victoria Station but had to get a taxi from there to get me home.

I’ve been playing with the formatting on this post, as I don’t really like the default way that WordPress handles placing text around images. It seems to work fine on both my PC Laptop and Apple Airbook, but might not work too well with tablets and phones. Please let me know if you have a problem with it.

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The long and winding road   6 comments

The Long and winding path

The Long and winding path

OK, not exactly a road, more a footpath.

This is the footpath that I take to walk to Wimbledon town centre.

Now that might not inspire you very much, but the point of the post is to show a few pics taken with the camera built into my new phone. Its 8.8 megapixels so ought to be quite good, but its not as easy to hold steady as a proper camera, so there is a little blurring.

Town Centre itself was quite busy and by the noise some of the younger people were making I’d guess the pubs had done a brisk trade too. Its also cold and damp, so decided I wouldn’t stay away from home for too long.


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Property and stuff   3 comments

Why is it so hard to sell property. Seems I have been in Limbo for about a month now, one reason for the lack of posts. The whole process is very much one step forward, one step back and communications can go very quiet. I’m now beginning to understand why people use estate agents.

It had been my hope that we would exchange contracts before Xmas (well actually well before Xmas but that’s another issue altogether) so I could have some clarity and make plans for the Xmas season. It could still happen, but my problem now is I don’t want to up sticks and go off somewhere for two or three weeks only to find they need me to sign some documents and I’m many miles away. I also don’t like leaving the house for too long in sub zero temperatures.

On the positive side, I’ve bought myself a new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It does everything and more than an iPad would do but in a pocket sized form factor. OK it won’t fit in those tight jeans pockets, but I’m a bit past tight jeans. It is also a fully functioning phone, so a good compromise between phone and tablet.

I’ve been playing with the camera part of it. This was before I’d fully read the instructions, I just wanted to get a pic of Marmalade for a friend of mine.

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Oh dear, WordPress have changed how you insert media since I last posted, sorry the pic is a bit bigger than I intended but haven’t got the time now to figure out the changes. Marmalade is one of those nice friendly cats who lives near to the path I use to go to Wimbledon town centre, and who comes up and says hello to me if there aren’t too many other people about.

The Samsung is more about keeping in touch when I’m away from home as well as easily taking photos. It also has GPS built in, with a world map that includes Gibraltar (my previous GPS may have had Spanish ancestry as it decided Gibraltar was just a blank space), and I am hoping that will prove to be invaluable.

Finally, I have also lost a little bit of weight, about 15 kilos since the beginning of September, which is quite good progress.

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Food, glorious food.   8 comments

A rather nice 2009 Spanish Shiraz from the Murcia region

I’m not a great one for restaurants in London, over priced especially if you drink wine and to be honest the food usually falls short of what I can do at home. So this is what I cooked as the main course for this evenings dinner, along with the 2009 bottle of Spanish Shiraz from the Murcia region of Spain, that was very much enjoyed.

I should point out, for my more sensitive readers, this post contains photos of dead meat!!

Dinner tonight was chicken breasts stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and garlic, wrapped in bacon and then roasted in the oven. They were then decorated with some peeled king prawns. It is quite difficult photographing food, better done in daylight when one can avoid shadows, but hey, I eat in the evening. They were then served on a bed of fettucine pasta in a white wine and cream sauce.

Before serving the decorative prawns were mixed into the pasta sauce, it was served up and the chicken breast placed on top of the pasta. The plate in the photograph was only used for presentation purposes.

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