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I never know whether one should try to make a post to fit a picture, but as this picture will be both amusing and nostalgic to some of my audience I thought I’d give it a go.

I was reading recently that BT has a very prolific wireless network around London, and much of it is based around their street furniture. So their street cabinets and their phoneboxes have all benefited from the addition of wireless network equipment, it must be quite heavy, look what it did to these phone boxes !!!

Street Art in Kingston

Street Art in Kingston

Apologies that the light is not in the best place for the image, but I was in a little bit of a rush.


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2 responses to “Fitting a post around a picture

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  1. Is that for real? !!

  2. When BT decided to remove all the red phone boxes from Kingston upon Thames some years ago, the local council worked with an artist to produce this street sculpture. So they acquired a dozen former real phone boxes from BT and arranged them in this domino effect.

    I’m sure they are firmly secured, health and safety wouldn’t allow it to be otherwise. I’ve not looked to see if they still have any of the telephone equipment is in side, but I’m pretty sure they’ve been welded shut, even the one standing. If I’m in Kingston again and its not the school holidays, I’m not in a rush and it isn’t freezing (literally) I’ll try taking some more pictures of it from different angles, might even take my proper camera with me.

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