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I have been discussing property prices with various blogging friends, so rather than block up their blogs with information on my local area, I thought maybe it deserves a post of it’s own on here.

So, what gems are available:

First up we have a 5 bedroom detached house for sale in Lancaster Gardens, Wimbledon Village, SW19. To be fair it is set within an acre of land complete with outdoor heated pool, and 4 of the 5 bathrooms are en-suite (the two attic bedrooms share a bathroom) so its a snip at £7,400,000.

Next up we have another 5 bedroom detached home, this time in Marryat Road, London, SW19. It features a double garage, carriage driveway and garden of 20m x 30m with no pool which explains the bargain basement price of £6,850,000.

Moving on, there is a new build 4 bedroom house with open plan living space. Without wanting to be cruel here, this house looks like two shipping containers on top of each other with windows cut in them, rather characterless but then a snip at £4,950,000.

Turning our attention to apartments for a moment, there is a nice 2 bedroom apartment built in 2010. It provides one reception room which includes kitchen, dining and living areas, a master bedroom and a rather small second bedroom. £3,200,000.

London of course is one of the most expensive places to buy property, which is why I suspect I’ll find the Gibraltar property market nicely on the cheap side.


Posted February 25, 2013 by bluonthemove in Gibraltar, Relocation, Wimbledon

6 responses to “Bargain properties in London SW19

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  1. I read this and forgot to comment. London has always been on the fantastical side of property prices has it not? Regarding the shipping containers, when my Spanish neighbours built up a layer, all we could see was a rather ugly multi-storey car park.

    There is some negotiation in Gib pricer properties right now. One of our former customers has taken a significant reduction in order to sell. You may get lucky. I saw a studio apartment at £75K the other day, but something tells me that’s not what you are really looking at.

    • Yes, of course London prices are unreal. But there again its where I live and its all relative. Given the views one should really compare Gib prices to apartments overlooking the Thames.

      To give you an idea of my style (or lack thereof) I quite like this apartment.—Majestic/1501

      I like the open plan living area, the floor to ceiling windows and I like it has the bedrooms upstairs. Increasingly I’m thinking that whilst I might have a rush of visitors in my first 12 months after that anything bigger than 2 bedrooms would be a waste.

      The third pic down on the page I think is the second bedroom. I can just imagine a hand built desk designed to fit into window area, I’d never get any blogs written.

      • Just give me your requirements and I’ll be your personal shopper. Preferably not giving your dosh to Greg Butcher though (owner of OV).

        • Next step is actually making it to Gib. I’ll probably meet up with Justin Bray and look and see what they have on their books when I’m there. I haven’t got my heart set on OV at all, I just like that apartment. The apartments in the Sails development however all seem to have small windows as do many of the older apartment buildings.

          • A has worked for Diana at the agency down OV. As estate agents go, as I’ve said before, they seem OK (whether you deal with Diana, Charmaine, or Justin). Not keen on La Sails, and at last time of looking there were still a lot of empty properties, unlike King’s Wharf.

            Yes, the older buildings tend to have standard sash size windows (even if they aren’t sash). The advantage being, warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Depends on which way they face of course.

            The other two obvious agents are Chestertons and Hills, as I’ve said before, but we’ve not had any direct experience with them, apart from seeing someone from chestertons when we were working on property maintenance. Seemed perfectly civilised and polite considering we were the hired help at the time (decorating and gardening) so that earned them a few points in my book. There’s quite a bit of multi-agency sales, so it’s probably just a question of deciding who you like and going with them. If you see something you like with another agent, you can always ask yours to put that one on the books.

            Good luck. Your auction is this month isn’t it?

            • I’ve been advised to postpone the auction to their May one. They get more individual buyers in May who are looking for a property to largely do up themselves; whilst they also get a good number of builders who are thinking ahead to a quiet summer and buying a project they can send workers to who might otherwise be lying idle in July and August.

              I’d guess the view is one of the most important things to me (with windows that allow me to enjoy it from indoors too) and outside space, not garden as such but patio areas where maybe I can grow a few herbs as well as sit out.

              February is a great month for weather in the Caribbean, Pacific and Australia so suspect I might well be AWOL for some of the winter, so lock and leave is a consideration as well.

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