The long and winding road   6 comments

The Long and winding path

The Long and winding path

OK, not exactly a road, more a footpath.

This is the footpath that I take to walk to Wimbledon town centre.

Now that might not inspire you very much, but the point of the post is to show a few pics taken with the camera built into my new phone. Its 8.8 megapixels so ought to be quite good, but its not as easy to hold steady as a proper camera, so there is a little blurring.

Town Centre itself was quite busy and by the noise some of the younger people were making I’d guess the pubs had done a brisk trade too. Its also cold and damp, so decided I wouldn’t stay away from home for too long.


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Posted January 6, 2013 by bluonthemove in Food, Walking, Wimbledon

6 responses to “The long and winding road

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  1. Looks pretty cold and damp too 😦 We, on the other hand, had a lovely sunny day. Perfect for a walk up to Rosia and then to Europa Point. And then, the bus back 🙂

    • I do that going to the big Tesco. Its about 30 mins walk which is fine on a nice day, but I get the bus home (door to door almost) so I don’t have to struggle with shopping. Wimbledon Common is about 20 mins walk, but there isn’t a bus back from there.

      It is however downhill coming home.

  2. There’s a lot in the pictures that looks familiar…particularly the hazy fog. Where I’m from it’s a constant companion, even in winter.

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