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Why is it so hard to sell property. Seems I have been in Limbo for about a month now, one reason for the lack of posts. The whole process is very much one step forward, one step back and communications can go very quiet. I’m now beginning to understand why people use estate agents.

It had been my hope that we would exchange contracts before Xmas (well actually well before Xmas but that’s another issue altogether) so I could have some clarity and make plans for the Xmas season. It could still happen, but my problem now is I don’t want to up sticks and go off somewhere for two or three weeks only to find they need me to sign some documents and I’m many miles away. I also don’t like leaving the house for too long in sub zero temperatures.

On the positive side, I’ve bought myself a new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It does everything and more than an iPad would do but in a pocket sized form factor. OK it won’t fit in those tight jeans pockets, but I’m a bit past tight jeans. It is also a fully functioning phone, so a good compromise between phone and tablet.

I’ve been playing with the camera part of it. This was before I’d fully read the instructions, I just wanted to get a pic of Marmalade for a friend of mine.

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Marmalade wonders if I have food

Oh dear, WordPress have changed how you insert media since I last posted, sorry the pic is a bit bigger than I intended but haven’t got the time now to figure out the changes. Marmalade is one of those nice friendly cats who lives near to the path I use to go to Wimbledon town centre, and who comes up and says hello to me if there aren’t too many other people about.

The Samsung is more about keeping in touch when I’m away from home as well as easily taking photos. It also has GPS built in, with a world map that includes Gibraltar (my previous GPS may have had Spanish ancestry as it decided Gibraltar was just a blank space), and I am hoping that will prove to be invaluable.

Finally, I have also lost a little bit of weight, about 15 kilos since the beginning of September, which is quite good progress.


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  1. I found when we sold without estate agents, the biggest delay was caused by the solicitors. Now they are the ones to really cut out of the loop. In fact, selling with estate agents, solicitors still dragged it all out. Oh for the days of the 80s – buy, exchange, sell, whatever all in a day 🙂

    Yes, WP has changed things a bit hence my moans.

    Nice pic of your Marmalade. Looks extremely like the Gib one who used to stalk Pippa (they moved house).

    • Oh, haven’t even started on the solicitors yet. Not as much for them to do, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take some time. As I’m not buying and they aren’t selling it won’t be so bad, at least here’s hoping.

      I probably need 3 weeks between exchange and completion, time to get the valuable stuff into a temporary home with Yellow Self Storage and get 20 odd years of junk taken down to the tip. Can’t do this until after the exchange of contracts as it would be silly to empty the house and then have the sale fall through and have to start trying to put stuff back.

      Hope that picture didn’t upset Pippa. Can’t imagine him tolerating being stalked by a cat for very long though. Hopefully I’ll get a nice pic of Ollie_dog, the black spaniel from next door if I can stop him running around with excitement for long enough to pose for me.

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