Where has Blu been.   4 comments

You may well ask. Here is a visual clue.

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The last two weeks have seen me largely confined to bed and probably taking more pills than I’d really want to. This is the first time I’ve had bad flu for over 10 years and I am so annoyed with myself for not sorting out a new home in the sun already.

The flu is partly home related though. My neighbour’s sister and her husband came to view the house on Saturday 22nd Oct. After the viewing I was invited back to the neighbour’s house for a kind of late lunch bbq along with everyone else, which included school age kids from atleast 6 different schools.

I don’t usually mingle with groups of kids and it was too much. Sunday found me with a sore throat and by Monday night flu of the full blown variety. On the positive side though, I think the house is sold subject to survey, which I’m just now organising with the buyer now I feel largely better, and completion by the end of November is still a possibility, which would then see me renting somewhere for the Xmas and New Year period; somewhere hot and not called the UK.

How ill was I, on a scale of 1 to 10. Shall we just say I’ve not had any wine since the evening of the 22nd !!!!! – people who know me well will appreciate the seriousness of that.


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4 responses to “Where has Blu been.

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  1. Hey I was bad the other weekend. Not only no alcohol, no food or anything. I wasn’t as bad as you for so long though. Hope you do have a sale and that it goes through ok. Is there a ghastly chain?? Don’t know where you are planning on being for Dec/Jan – it ain’t hot here, but it ain’t cold either. Nice fireworks in Gib for New Year;)

    • Fortunately there is no chain as the potential buyers are either not selling their current home or their current home is rented, I’m not sure which. They seem keen on moving forwards quite quickly, possibly even a bit more quickly than would be ideal for me. I will move my life into yellow self storage until I finally complete the purchase of a home. As for Dec/Jan, i’ve looked briefly at studio apartments in the Caribbean. A bed, a beach, a shower and a kitchen, what more really does anyone need – ooops wait – Internet connection of course.

  2. Actually it’s still pretty mild here. I’m sitting around in a T shirt, and we’re both still wearing shorts. It is currently rather wet however.

  3. Well, its pretty cold and miserable here, and since we changed the clocks dark at a horribly early hour. I’m a bit in limbo as far as the house is concerned, its been surveyed (its not falling down) and they brought a builder round last week to give them a quote to do the various things they want. If its reasonable, I might have a sale. Hopefully find out next week, but was talking to the potential buyers nephew yesterday who tells me they are very keen to move forwards.

    I’d probably have a formal offer now if I was going through an estate agent, but we haven’t got to the stage where we are going to start bothering solicitors. Hope they’ll let me know in time to organise something for Xmas that will be low key, as I don’t really celebrate it.

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