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I came across this new house guest the other evening, and as he was sat still clearly posing for his photograph, I duly obliged.

My new house guest

I’ve never minded spiders, but have always thought of them as very monotone, dark grey colour and not really that interesting.

This one however has very interesting markings, does this mark him out as a special sort of spider? He was in an area where the decor pre-dates me, woodchip paper painted a light green wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s there and it does the job, so why change it. I don’t know if spiders have any sort chameleon skills or is basic chamouflage his natural colours.

I was only poking about down there because I’ve got more people coming to look at the house, with a view towards buying it.


Posted September 21, 2012 by bluonthemove in Gibraltar, Relocation, Wimbledon

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  1. I don’t think he is special, or at least I have seen a few of them, especially in Spain, but he is cute. he could always be a money spider and they are adorable

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