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House Guest   1 comment

I came across this new house guest the other evening, and as he was sat still clearly posing for his photograph, I duly obliged.

My new house guest

I’ve never minded spiders, but have always thought of them as very monotone, dark grey colour and not really that interesting.

This one however has very interesting markings, does this mark him out as a special sort of spider? He was in an area where the decor pre-dates me, woodchip paper painted a light green wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s there and it does the job, so why change it. I don’t know if spiders have any sort chameleon skills or is basic chamouflage his natural colours.

I was only poking about down there because I’ve got more people coming to look at the house, with a view towards buying it.


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Flowering things   4 comments

Plants, flowers and stuff is a whole area I know nothing about, and whilst I can recognise something that looks attractive, its not something that interests me very much.

Now things that can grow in pots and earn their keep is a different matter altogether. My neighbour has just started growing Rosemary in a pot just by his fence; now of all the herbs I use this is the one which is so much better fresh than dried. I find dried Rosemary and the semi fresh Rosemary you can buy in the supermarket to be very woody so I tend to only use it with things where I can fish it out remove it during the cooking process. Fortunately I have permission to lean over the fence with a pair of scissors!!

I saw this in my garden the other day.

Mystery flower

I wonder what this is, any ideas ?

Anyone have any idea what this might be. Most things in my garden are weeds, is this a weed too. It seems it is some kind of climber/creeper and seems to have crept in from next door, so it might not be a weed.

I particularly like the flower, its possibly a bit more purple than the blue the camera seems to have picked up, I’m sure if I was into editing photos I’d know a trick to darken the colour a bit; but I’m not so no. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know. It may be quite common.

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