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I am sitting at home, feeling somewhat trapped. There is some idiot, or should that be idiots, running in the middle of the road carrying flaming torches, a major bush fire risk if ever I saw one. They are being followed by a police car and a coach, why on earth don’t the police arrest them for causing traffic chaos.

Oh wait, the Olympic torch has arrived in Wimbledon. Its off up to the tennis courts; its a prophet of doom for the traffic chaos to come over the next three weeks. Now I’ve nothing against sport, international or local, and living here one is used to some small level of disruption during the annual tennis event. Its pretty minimal to be honest, mainly larger than usual numbers of people about late morning getting the busses from the station up to the courts.

I do think nine billion pounds is a lot of money to spend on a two week three day sporting event. With the savage public sector cuts, couldn’t the Olympics have taken their share of the pain, surely they could have coped with six billion instead, the other three billion saved could have been spent on the Police and the NHS.?

Furthermore, road aren’t shut during the tennis fortnight, yet for the Olympics loads of roads are being shut. Shops cannot have daytime deliveries to try and help with traffic flow, on the days when Olympians are actually playing tennis deliveries are restricted to between midnight and 6am. This is due to the new roof, that now allows play to continue until the local authority curfew of 11pm.

I suppose I should be grateful that tennis is not a paralympic sport, not that it would be played on a grass surface even if it was, so all the chaos will not be repeated, atleast locally to me, during September.


Posted July 23, 2012 by bluonthemove in Travel, Wimbledon

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  1. Hmm, well at least if you are trapped inside it means you can a) write a blog post (you have) b) open a bottle of wine (you may have done that too) and c) start cooking tonight’s evening meal 🙂 although probably a bit early for that where you are.

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