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I like trees, more so than most members of the human race if the truth is known. I sometimes think the phrase “as thick as two planks” is unfair to trees.

I went one time to Tenerife, on a freebie travel agents holiday, and as a result criss crossed the interior of the island many times, very much seeeing parts average tourists never did.

My travel companion and our Canarian guide

This was essentially a trip for divers, so the two non divers teamed up to investigate the walking opportunites that Tenerife has to offer. In case you are wondering dear readers, that slope is as steep as it looks, and the path as treacherous.

This is a dragon tree. Quite similar to the one in the Convent in Gibraltar posted by Britontherock

Having got a bit further down, the slope is now more gentle and we are getting a view down towards the coast. Oh look, free oranges!!

Orange trees. Growing wild, and self service.

At this point we are still quite high up, and although this picture only has a token tree on the right hand side, the views at this point were spectacular. Just wish I was a better photographer and hadn’t set the camera to a low resolution setting.

Spectaular view, token tree!!

Having safely completed our descent, we went for a posh lunch where we met up with the divers who had completed their morning dives. That afternoon we all went to a small town, don’t remember what it was called, but it had some nice trees in the town centre.

Foreground 2 locals, background church tower thing.

The church tower in the main square, from a different angle.

More church tower, less tree.

There are also trees in the leafy London suburbs. Here are a couple of photos taken in Richmond, South West London to finish off this post.

Deer feeding in the dapled sunlight in Richmond Park.

The old Richmond alms houses, in a beautiful tree lined setting


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  1. So far this post has been a complete nightmare. If you make even the slightest mistake with a photo, WordPress gets its revenge by changing the file names so you really don’t know what is going on. I’d tear my hairout if I had any :-))

    Also, whilst my likes are showing now, this is the first time so far tonight that they have, atleast for me. I’m going to email support if I can, otherwise I’ll have to post something on the forums. I will thus be setting all posts to moderated, I know what happens when you post on forums.

  2. Sometimes they just don’t like a pic, so I just delete it (HTML from text and photo from gallery) and upload it again, usually works ok then. Nice pix. Apart from the deer which I can’t see 😉 The canaries photos look similar to a walk we just did today part-way up the Rock.

    • As I said complete nightmare. It was going fine until I inserted a slideshow at the bottom of the post, which picked up all sorts of photos that I had removed from the html. Then I made the fatal mistake of trying to remove some of the photos from the media gallery, but was unable to know which was which. Then I discovered wordpress adds random digits to the end of file names, which I think is why the deer picture doesn’t appear. I will try and edit the post, delete all copies of the deer pic from the media gallery, then upload one copy again.

  3. With gallery, it does everything chronologically in order of posting, so in theory all you need to do is change the html to insert the code of the new photo…. which is why it can be easier to delete all the problem ones and re-upload, it actually doesn’t take too long, especially the size you have compressed yours to! All blog hosts are frustrating until you learn their endearing little quirks 😉 I’ll keep checking back for the deer and hope they don’t appear on a future post as venison.

  4. Hopefully fixed. WordPress does seem to have some really poor caching going on, which is a major part of the problem. I deleted every instance of the deer post this afternoon from the media gallery, but it still appeared in the post 3 hours later. Its now gone, so I’ve deleted the relevant html and re-uploaded it. Hopefully it’ll be alright now, but its not worth the hassle of trying to offer a slideshow. Its all learning by experience I guess.

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