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A rather nice 2009 Spanish Shiraz from the Murcia region

I’m not a great one for restaurants in London, over priced especially if you drink wine and to be honest the food usually falls short of what I can do at home. So this is what I cooked as the main course for this evenings dinner, along with the 2009 bottle of Spanish Shiraz from the Murcia region of Spain, that was very much enjoyed.

I should point out, for my more sensitive readers, this post contains photos of dead meat!!

Dinner tonight was chicken breasts stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and garlic, wrapped in bacon and then roasted in the oven. They were then decorated with some peeled king prawns. It is quite difficult photographing food, better done in daylight when one can avoid shadows, but hey, I eat in the evening. They were then served on a bed of fettucine pasta in a white wine and cream sauce.

Before serving the decorative prawns were mixed into the pasta sauce, it was served up and the chicken breast placed on top of the pasta. The plate in the photograph was only used for presentation purposes.


Posted July 14, 2012 by bluonthemove in Food, Wimbledon

8 responses to “Food, glorious food.

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  1. You eat a lot!!

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