Blu on the move – Wimbledon part 2   3 comments

This is about the green bits.

Wimbledon common is about 10 minutes walk from my house, well it would be if it weren’t up a steep hill. After Wimbledon hill, the odd Rock – pah!!

I am always intrigued by the way trees choose to grow if left to their own devices for a few hundred years. Normally I don’t like things that are bigger than me, but trees are different, they aren’t likely to run after me. All told, I think I prefer trees to plants.

At weekends in the summer the common can get quite busy with families out enjoying a picnic on the edge of the woodland, where they have some dappled shade and parkland views.

Despite the people, one can usually find some peace and quiet as the common is pretty big, and indeed, had someone not built the A3 trunk road, its north western edges are adjoining Richmond Park.

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Posted June 16, 2012 by bluonthemove in Wimbledon

3 responses to “Blu on the move – Wimbledon part 2

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that spooky Troll thing bottom right?

  2. They’re beautiful pix, you’ve captured the filtured sunlight perfectly. (trolls or not).

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