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Where is Rufus.   4 comments

Rufus, one of the stalwart security officials at the Wimbledon tennis tournament has been stolen. Rufus was responsible for pest control around the courts and was particularly adept at keeping the local pigeon population away, so they didn’t interrupt play.

For those who are still wondering, Rufus is a harris hawk and his main duties are to fly around the tennis courts in the mornings before play; his very presence being enough to frighten the pigeons away.

Apparently, on Thursday night, Rufus was safely in his cage, in the back of a car parked on a private driveway, with its rear windows open so Rufus could enjoy the night time breeze, when he was seized complete with his cage and removed from the car.

Harris Hawk

This isn’t actually Rufus, but another Harris Hawk. Keep up, Rufus is missing and unavailable for pictures. Free image courtesy of

Now I’m sure hawks are possibly worth a few quid, but have we really got to the stage where if something is not bolted to the wall people will steal it. Rufus is 4 and a half years old, and his regular day job is as family pet to the Davis family. It must have been very traumatic for Rufus to suddenly be grabbed in the middle of the night and taken away from the people he knows and trusts, by people who most likely neither know how to treat him or how to feed him.

I hope Rufus is released unharmed and is able to resume his duties in time for the Olympic tennis in August. Clearly I’d imagine he’ll be too traumatised by the events of this week, to be back flying about before the tournament ends next weekend.


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Blu on the move – Wimbledon part 2   3 comments

This is about the green bits.

Wimbledon common is about 10 minutes walk from my house, well it would be if it weren’t up a steep hill. After Wimbledon hill, the odd Rock – pah!!

I am always intrigued by the way trees choose to grow if left to their own devices for a few hundred years. Normally I don’t like things that are bigger than me, but trees are different, they aren’t likely to run after me. All told, I think I prefer trees to plants.

At weekends in the summer the common can get quite busy with families out enjoying a picnic on the edge of the woodland, where they have some dappled shade and parkland views.

Despite the people, one can usually find some peace and quiet as the common is pretty big, and indeed, had someone not built the A3 trunk road, its north western edges are adjoining Richmond Park.

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Its only a winter’s tale.   2 comments

Well, here we are, its June 3rd and the Sunday of the diamond jubilee weekend.

ImageI am wondering if this will qualify for the WordPress summer theme, may be not. Yes, you guessed it, it is a cold and wet day in Wimbledon, so we’ve cancelled our informal street party, many others probably have too. As you can see from my Windows 7 widget thing, its only 11 degrees and its early June.

I’m not a monarchist, so I’m not overly bothered on that front, but it certainly adds to the list of reasons to live elsewhere.

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