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Having charged my camera up last night, I thought I’d go out on Sunday and take some pictures of the area where I currently live, sort of a blu before he was on the move, so to speak. It will be 28 years since I moved into my house on August 4th, and although my circumstances have changed over that time, I’ve never seen a reason to move, just to buy another house in London.

Three bedrooms and three reception rooms, what more does one need; its big enough for two and for the last 15 years or so, big enough for one. Now that I’m giving up work its time to leave the UK, and move to pastures both newer and warmer. I finally finish work on 29th June and cannot wait to get away.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m planning on moving to Gibraltar, or Britain in the sun as I sometimes call it. Talking of the sun, its lovely and hot today, about 25 deg and I’m sitting here baking.

Not just because of the temperature, but because I’m working on this in the front reception room, the french windows out into the garden at the back of the house are tightly locked, as criminality in London is now so bad, the local toerags will be in over your garden fence and in your windows in no time. Those of my neighbours with sheds have had them broken into on a regular basis over the last 18 months or so.

So what is Wimbledon like. Well it has a theatre which is quite well known across London. I’ve only been a few times, the things I’d be interested in seeing sell out quickly, and I don’t want to go to the theatre just for the sake of going to the theatre. That’s the kind of thing my mother would have done.

The theatre has been renovated quite recently and now calls itself the new theatre. I’ve not been in there since the renovations were completed so cannot comment on how much its been improved. Its quite an impressive building and I like the dome on top of it, but as you can see, even on a Sunday the roads are busy.

We also have a shopping centre, imaginatively called Centre Court, I wonder who got paid a fortune to come up with a name like that. It comes complete with the usual suspects, Apple, Sony, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer, plus numerous mobile phone providers.

If you look just passed the front of the big red bus, you’ll see that there is also a Tesco here. The part of the building that Tesco are in is the old Wimbledon town hall before it was done away with in another reincarnation of local government structure, that brought us the creation of the London Borough of Merton.

The more observant will also notice the job lot of traffic lights that were sold to the borough. Its only the facade that has been kept, the heart of the building was ripped out by the developers. Centre Court also features the facade of an old church and the fire station, similarly dessimated.

I would have taken pictures of these, but the main police station is on the other side of the road and many London police officers are of the belief it is illegal to take photographs of public buildings, so thought better of it. No problem with the other photos though, the police budget cuts have seen to that.

They say that familiar concepts make people feel at home, so I had to reassure my faithful readers that we have a Morrisons too, albeit somewhat smaller than the one in Gibraltar. Perhaps I should point out that the space above Morrisons’ is a gym, which helps explain what the image of the young lady in the window on the left is up to. I’m not going to add a slide show to this post, there are only 3 pics and they are quite big so its not really necessary.


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13 responses to “Blu before he moves – Wimbledon part 1

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  1. You paint a pic of a strange place. It looks the same as it always did (I mean a London borough now) but your stories of crime are just so dire.

    Nice sunny day, but so busy! It looks like a weekday. We don’t have Sunday’s like that here (apart from the Morries pic of course).

    Funnily I thought about you today and had a quick sticky beak in an estate agent window to see what was on offer. There was some decent looking stuff beween half a mill and 1.2. I’ll have a more serious look next time.

    Actually I’ve just had a look on the website, where there is far more stuff. They’ve got quite a lot in Admiral’s Place which might suit you. Didn’t look any further. Depends what you want really, old colonial style but tarted up, brand new (eg King’s Wharf), bling – Ocean Village, slightly more established – Ragged and Cormorant, and Ordnance off Queensway by the marina (handy for dining out).

    Drop me a mail if you want to know more about areas and have decided what type of prop you are looking for. With my partner being a decorator we’ve been into a number of these properties – and worked on them 🙂

    • Strangely I was talking to a friend earlier, and asked her why she’d taken down the hanging baskets either side of her porch door. She hadn’t, they had been nicked !! 😦

  2. My requirements are quite simple really. I like spacious, I like open plan. Only need 3 beds, one with en-suite bathroom. Outside space is important, concrete not a garden and easily accessible. I quite like the Buena Vista park development, town houses not villas. They seem to have nice roof terrace areas and excellent views. Not in town of course, but then if I’m out in the evening, it can be bus in and taxi home. Newer penthouse apartments will tend to be open plan and have large terraces, so are very much in contention too, they may also be nearer town whilst still having the view.

    • Ah right. You are a new flat or knocked-about old property person. I guess I saw the pix of the Wimb place and thought ‘older’ (property not person).

      There were a couple of middle (ie mid height) properties at King’s Wharf that had HUGE roof terraces, but most of them just have a balcony. Dining/sit/kitchen area is all open plan though.

      Stuff down Europort is open plan too, but you probably don’t fancy that as an area. Only advantage is convenient for Morrisons, and four middle-of-the-road places to eat (Indian, Thai, Solo Express, and Time Out). But you would probably be wanting a penthouse? (yes, I’ve just read that) – so not sure how many are available.

      There’s no bus up to Buena Vista 😀 Buses don’t usually go to places like that. Rich people in Gib don’t use buses.

      You struggle not to get a decent view in Gib 😀 Even we can see the rock if we look up the street out of the window, although not Africa. I was going to say, how many people look at the view when they have it, but some do. We were working in Brympton (the private block) and the owner spent a lot of time on the balcony gazing out to sea. And, even I do it when we are back in Spain.

      • Thank you for all your help guiding me through the property jungle. The property in Wimbledon was bought 28 years ago. Can’t say I was poor then, but I wasn’t well off either. I wanted to be in SW London but near a tube station, so it was either Wimbledon or Richmond.

        I can understand what you mean about people looking at a view. I would never sit by a window just for the view, but if I can take the laptop Hal out on to a balcony or terrace and do what ever I need to do with a view, particularly of the sea in front of me, all the better.

        Have to admit I’ve no idea where the Buena Vista development is. I thought it was within 5 mins walk of Europa Road, which was served by one of the bus routes. These days I tend to go out to lunch more often than I go out in the evening, which usually involves the bus taking me to Richmond, Putney or Kingston, sitting in a restaurant over looking the Thames and the bus home again. Restaurants in my experience do seem happier welcoming single people in to eat at lunchtime. If I’m out in the evening its often a taxi home, but this always strikes me as such a waste of money. Would never use the car, as I enjoy a glass of wine or 3 with my meal.

        • Not sure I have been any help but happy to be useful nearer the time. I always used to go for being near to public transport, still do. Got the bus back from Morries today with the shopping, just so much easier sometimes.

          A view is nice, I’m not knocking it. When Hal in Spain works I can clatter away on the keyboard and gaze at the Med. Very nice indeed. Or we can dine and look out to sea, whether outside or inside.

          If it’s five mins (downhill) from Europa Road, then fair enough. It looked so elevated I thought it was at the top of the Rock. Anyway, you can tell I am a city woman 😀 I love the convenience of everything being near.

          I’m also a lunch eater, but that’s because I fall asleep too early in the evening. And I find it so much more civilised. But we’ve just stopped going out. I am beginning to think you may run out of places to eat in Gib though!

          I guess if you are serious about BV then you can get the bus back to Europa Road (number 2 I think to europa point) and the walk uphill will walk off your lunch 😀 Rather you than me!

          • Looking at google maps, there are some cliffs across the road from Alameda gardens, and I thought it was being built there, which is on the low side of Europa Rd, so the hard work is done on the way to get the bus to lunch. I’m hopeful to find a small core of restaurants where I can go and have lunch and be welcomed, and indulge in my only real hobby, cooking, in the evening.

            • Not if it has views of Camp Bay. I’ll have another looky tomorrow.

              • finally found it after ploughing through ten pages of searching. Of course if I had looked at my map in the first place…..

                it’s literally above camp bay, and you must be right, the access to it will be down from Europa Road. It’s not as high as I thought, but it is on a bluff which gives the impression of height. Next time I wander up I’ll take some pix.

                Always something new to learn in Gib 🙂

                • Thanks, that’ll be much appreciated. My perception is its still a building site, but thats often one of the downsides of buying new.

                • well I aint going right now, far too warm, this may be a work in progress when I feel like a wander up that way. suppose I could always get on the bus and have a look…

  3. or maybe en-route to Europa Point in the Landy so Pippa can have a run out too

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