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I was once told that the problem with my photographic efforts lay between the camera case and the ground, I’m cannot think what they meant!!

Below is an excellent example:


These are the two I will miss most when I leave London. No, not the rose bush, even though that is what the camera decided to focus on, but my neighbours two pussy cats, Cleo and Dave, who are twins if that is the right word when talking about cats in the same litter. Its hard to say, but I think that is Cleo in the background and Dave in the foreground, they are not quite identical and if someone hadn’t put that rose bush in the way. I’ll miss Olly the hyperactive spaniel who lives the other side of me too, but he has a pet passport, has been on holiday to Portugal, so could come and visit me.

I think this photo would qualify for the WordPress ‘unfocussed’ theme. I’ve got what was a half decent camera when I got it in erm 1999, its 3.3 megapixel and has a 340mb IBM microdrive to store pictures on, which allows me 1600 low res images or 350 high res ones; even the latter is more pictures than I’ve taken in my lifetime. It also came with a manual about an inch thick telling me all the things it can do, including taking 30 sec video clips, stitching a series of photos together to get a panoramic effect and the like. Its only been used in earnest when I went on a travel agent freebie trip to Tenerife about 2 years after I got it. Sometime when I have the time to do it, I might dig out some of those old pics from then and do a Tenerife post, as its the closest I’ve ever got to going on holiday since childhood, but I’ll first have to find the computer I was using 10 years ago and try and get it going!!

I browse the camera shops from time to time, looking at the 25 megapixel offerings from Canon and Nikon, but so far common sense has prevailed, as I know even if I spent a thousand quid on a new camera it wouldn’t improve my photos one bit, and my current camera is perfectly good for anything I’m likely to use it for. Here are a couple of other examples of my appalling photography. I don’t know how to do posh slidey show things so I’ll just post them as they come.


This is Cleo inspecting my patio, in the mistaken belief its actually hers, something cats tend to do. I think she wants to know when I am going to clear up the hedge clippings. Here is another pic to remind you lucky bast people what a spring day in London looks like.


I guess being honest, I’ve just never really got in to photography as a hobby. I never had a camera as a child, and thinking back I probably bought my first and only film camera in my mid to late 30s. I think I resented the cost of film and film processing. I liked the idea of digital cameras as there was no film to buy or process, and you could take half a dozen photos of the same thing, and just keep the best ones, many of which were then imported in to adobe photoshop and ended up on various websites I used to create for people. I hope WordPress is going to allow me to add categories to this once I click the post button, if not I might have to learn to add them manually afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Posted May 15, 2012 by bluonthemove in Gibraltar, Relocation, Travel

7 responses to “Photography

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  1. Don’t tell me to play nice! It’s not in my nature. And which bast people are you referring to regarding the last picture? šŸ˜€

    I like the one of Cleo though, good photo.

    You need to jump up a gear with the wordpress theme thing though, we are on blue now. No, not blu, but blue.

    Like you, I’m not sure a new camera will improve my photos, I wouldn’t mind faster shutter speed though.

    I see you have double glazing. Don’t tell me you paid for that??!!

    slideshow – go into edit mode (you can post edit for virtually everything), click on the camera image that you used to upload the photos. One of the top tabs is gallery, click on that, and down at the bottom you can insert slideshow.

    Alternatively in the HTML version (you did say something about doing computers and websites I believe) you can just type [slideshow]. Have a practice, you may manage it.

  2. That will serve me write, forgot my closing tag on <del!! Thought I put it in šŸ˜¦

    • So annoyed I got my spelling wrong too!!! I’m off back to my own blogs šŸ˜€

    • I’ve popped it in for you, the html bit I mean. I kind of meant anyone who lives where its warm and sunny in winter. I’ll try editing my post to give the slide show a go, already did it once to put the categories in.

      As for the theme I like blue, so not quite sure what you meant about jumping up a gear with the themes. Yes, I am quite proficient at web coding, be it html, javascript or PHP, as well as SQL datasets.

      • I don’t think you popped it in very well, it’s still out there.

        I meant the photo theme thing. The current one is now blue, rather than unfocussed.

        I’m still at the starting gate with self-taught HTML and CSS. There is only so much old brains can absorb.

  3. I made the change only in your first comment. It now appears as bast at least it does this end. Slide show is working too now, note to self, learn to read!!
    I thought you meant you didn’t like the blue theme for the blog, didn’t realise you were referring to the photo theme thing. My coding is nearly all self taught too.

  4. You did pop it in nicely. Thank you. I got distracted by my later comment <del etc. I must have been tired, it was clearly siesta time.
    Slideshow looks good. I like them. Not all the time, but saves posting up seven photos and readers having to scroll down, plus I like the sense of movement. Tick.

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