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After nearly 40 years, I guess I am done with London.

Arrived here for fun and debauchery university and kind of forgot to leave. Landed a nice job publishing a stable of medical journals across the developing world which entailed significant contributions to a number of airlines cash flow.

Work ceases at the end of June 2012, in many ways its quite frightening. I hope I will be able to find enough new things to do to keep me occupied. Not absolutely certain where I’m going to live, but Gibraltar does show up as somewhere with possibilities; the weather of Spain without the pressure of having to learn the language right away. Also looked at The Bahamas, but I’m really very much a European.

So this blog will be about my move, it’ll be about my leisure travelling and may well compare it to the days of business travel and it’ll be about anything else I want to talk about. It will start with some bits about London though.

Thanks for reading.


Posted May 11, 2012 by bluonthemove in Gibraltar, Publishing, Relocation, Travel

8 responses to “Hello world!

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  1. I’m a European too. One of the reasons why we moved to, er Europe.

    Looking forward to reading 🙂

  2. Gibraltar is lovely. We have been here for a year so far. It is very different from London, but the pace of life soon becomes the norm! Also the weather is incredible, and there are lots of home comforts, so although you are making a huge change, it isn’t quite as scary as having to learn a new language etc. Plus the flights to London are only a couple of hours long!

    • Well, I’m sitting here in Wimbledon and its 11 deg C and its raining 😦
      One advantage of living where I do, is its one of the few places that make Gib property look ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ reasonably priced. I might also have a buyer for my house, so need to get my skates on.

  3. @roughseas: Well the buyer is my neighbours sister, back from Australia with two small kids, so hopefully will progress smoothly. I need to look up how to add photos as well as working out why there isn’t a reply option showing for replying to replies to my comment. As for frequency of posting, there is a certain lazy dog…….

    @britontherock: I’ve spent a lot of time in the far east, esp Indonesia and Philippines, I like warm rain, its the cold I can’t abide.

    • You need to go into settings, discussion or whatever it is and alter the default to however many you choose. But note you may end up with a word a line as mine often do 😀 (max is ten – but you can outplay that by just finding a post above and clicking on reply)

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